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Tina interviewed American director, actor and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait on the red carpet at Fright Fest 2013 in London for Original article can be viewed here.

He made us shake with laughter with his on screen roles in 80s classics such as Police Academy and Scrooged, now Bobcat Goldthwait is hoping to make audiences shake with fear as the director of new horror movie Willow Creek. Craveon Entertainment caught up with him for a chat at Film 4 FrightFest.

Hi Bobcat! How are you doing?
I’m a little damp, but I’ll tell ya that I’m fine!

Ah, yes, that will be the glorious British weather! Are you enjoying FrightFest otherwise?
I am enjoying FrightFest! I think it’s funny people keep talking to me about the rain. I live in Los Angeles so the rain’s a novelty to me, I’m enjoying it!

Well it hasn’t stopped people from turning out here at FrightFest to see the new movie you’ve directed, Willow Creek. How do you think that the screening went?
I was very happy with the screening! It was very sweet how many people showed up because the movie has sold out and all that. It was a really nice surprise for me.

So tell us about Willow Creek!
It’s a war picture set in World War 2…no! It’s a much dreaded found footage movie, but it is hopefully my take on it and it involves Sasquatch / Bigfoot. The movie is about a couple that go up to the town Willow Creek and a lot about the Patterson-Gimlin footage which was shot there about 47 years ago. I think of that as the original found footage movie.

Do you believe in Bigfoot?
I do believe in Bigfoot, but I don’t believe in God. I’m an atheist, but I do believe in an 800 pound wood ape running around in the woods because I actually have friends who have heard and seen Bigfoot, but I have none that have actually seen or heard God. I’ve shown the movie to actual big foot believer groups and they really like the movie, so that makes me happy!

How did you come up with the idea to make this movie about Bigfoot?
I think that there has been a real pussyfication of Sasquatch, you know, I blame Steven Spielberg for making’em these big loveable, dumb hippies. I was terrified as a boy of a Bigfoot movie called Boggy Creek and it was a scary Bigfoot and there are a few things that are similar. I was originally going to make a different movie about Bigfoot. I’d gone to a lot of Bigfoot conventions and stuff and I think I was probably gonna make more of a Christopher Guest kind of movie. There’s a lot of in-fighting in the Bigfoot community which I thought would’ve been pretty funny to make a movie about, but then I didn’t want to pick on the people that do believe in Bigfoot, so ended up making this movie after I went to Willow Creek. I actually felt that the story lent itself to making a found footage movie.

There are a fair few found footage movies out there. What do you think makes yours different?
I hope mine’s a little bit different because I always wonder, like, who edits the found footage? Who is the creep that’s like ‘sorry your daughter got raped to death, but I re-cut it and I think we’ve got a tremendous film here: she would have wanted it that way!’ Our movie’s a little different, there’s only 67 cuts [movie edits]. The scene that people seem to be talking about the most is one where it’s 19 minutes long with no cuts. Hopefully people find it suspenseful or if not, they can take a nineteen minute long crap! *Laughs* I haven’t watched that many found footage movies so I was kind of trying to be true to myself and say ‘what would be in this camera if you did find it?’

Do you mind that Willow Creek has had a few comparisons to Blair Witch Project?
It’s funny because at the end of the day, I think the movie that influenced this one more was actually Grizzly Man. That’s kind of a found footage movie. The Blair Witch thing is fine with me, I think it’s a good movie: It’s old fashioned storytelling, people go off to the woods and bad things happen. Like I said, I think Patterson-Gimlin was the first found footage movie and that was way before Blair Witch.

Fair enough! Did you get to meet the real Bigfoot whilst you were filming?
No, though if we actually saw or filmed Bigfoot, I don’t think anyone would believe us because it’s me, you know? *Laughs* We saw mountain lions though which was pretty scary!

That does sound scary! So what’s coming up for you next work-wise?
I’ve written 2 or 3 new movies, it’s usually whichever ones I can con someone into giving me money to go out and make!

You’re multifaceted, in the past we’ve seen you act, direct, do stand-up, make music. What’s your ultimate goal?
I want to keep making movies outside the system that are my own personal stories.

What advice would you give to aspiring film makers?
Be as derivative as possible! No, I think to paraphrase Terry Gilliam, the thing to do is to study anything but movies so you have something to make movies about, you know. I think that’s they key, have a life! You can’t make movies if you’re just doing versions of other people’s movies and they’re sh*t!

Lastly, what’s your favourite scary movie?
Probably Rosemary’s Baby.

Thanks Bobcat! Looking forward to watching Willow Creek.

Take a look below to watch the official Willow Creek movie trailer:

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