Cheryl Cole interview



Singer and former X Factor judge chatted to Tina on behalf of backstage at London’s Wembley Stadium during the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012. CLICK HERE to view the original article.

Cheryl Cole was a surprise performer at the 2012 Capital FM Summertime Ball. With new music out and looking very pretty in pink, here’s what everyone’s favourite geordie lass had to say backstage to Tina Campbell for

Cheryl, you’ve just performed in front of 80,000 people. How was it?
I absolutely loved it!

Your third album, ‘A Million Lights’, is out 16th June. What can you tell us about it?
In my opinion it’s the best album out of the three: it’s the one I’m happiest with.

Calvin Harris produced your new single ‘Call My Name’. What was it like working with him?
Calvin is the man. I must admit I do love him.

Any idea what the next single will be?
It’s going to be one of 2 songs: ‘Under The Sun’ or ‘Screw You’ I think.

Do you plan to try and crack America with this album?
I haven’t got any plans yet, I’m more than happy releasing it here [in the UK]. That just now on the stage made me really want to go on tour.

You’re looking in fantastic shape, what’s your secret?
I work out a LOT using the Tracy Anderson method. Have you heard of her? She’s amazing! Basically it’s muscle structure and 45 minutes cardio – daily!

Is it hard work, or do you enjoy it?
The hardest part to getting fit is getting started they say, and that is so true! I love it now!

Do you have a favourite song to work out to?
I love Katy Perry’s new one, ‘Part Of Me’.

Speaking of Katy Perry, you two seemed very cosy together on the Graham Norton Show recently. Any plans to collaborate in the future?
Yeah, absolutely! I love Katy. We did X Factor together a couple of years ago so I already knew her a little bit. We haven’t planned anything yet, but watch this space!

Would you like to return to TV at some point?
I mean, never say never, but right now I’m obviously focusing on the music and it’s just a pleasure to be back doing what I love, you know.

You appeared in the movie ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’. Would you like to do more acting roles?
I would actually, I enjoyed it.

If you could have a cameo in any TV show, which would it be?
Coronation Street!

A lot is said about you in the press, does it both you?
It’s absolutely water off a duck’s back, I don’t read stupidness. I don’t read it, I just listen to the fans’ feedback. They enjoy what I’m doing and that’s all I care about.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
The best bit of advice I was ever given was to learn what the industry is about because it’s not what you read in the tabloids or see in magazines. Learn your craft and learn what you’re getting into.