CraveonEntertainment Little Mix interview


Girl band Little Mix are hot stuff right now. Craveon Entertainment caught up with Jesy, Perrie, Jade and Leigh Annbackstage at Alton Towers Live to talk US chart domination, boys, tattoos, roller coasters and more!

First of all, congratulations on all of your success in America! How does it feel?
Jesy: Amazing! We never expected it. We went over there with no expectations, we just wanted to work our hardest, see what happens and [the album] went to number 4! We were like, oh my ruddy god!

Other British groups like The Wanted and The Saturdays have filmed their own TV series whilst in the US. Is a Little Mix TV series in the works?
Jesy: That would be fun! We’re actually focusing on our film to be honest. We’ve got our tour over there soon too so that’s going to be really amazing!

That does sound amazing! How are you finding fame?
Jesy: It’s just like, mental! None of us can believe it. I don’t feel like a pop star. People go “you’re a pop star!” I’m like, really?!

What keeps you grounded?
Jesy: Obviously I’ve got my 3 beautiful girls with me, but I think just surround yourself with positive people

Positive people such as Eddie from the Loveable Rogues? *wink*
Jesy: No! *laughs* I cleared that up on twitter! He was holding my hand because I was just a bit tipsy. I would like to state that I’m single and Eddie’s just a friend.

Does that mean that you’re open to offers then?
Leigh Ann: She’s single and ready to mingle!
Jesy: Do you know someone?

A little birdy tells us that Jay from The Wanted may have a soft spot for Jesy…
Leigh Ann: Send him her way!
Jesy: Jay is cute!

Perie it’s coming up to your Birthday! What are you going to do to celebrate?
*Groan* I don’t like Birthdays! I don’t want to do anything!

Will you get to spend it with your boyfriend [One Direction star Zayn Malik]?
Perie: I’m not going to see him on my Birthday unfortunately, but I know that he has got me a present!

He recently got a tattoo drawing of you on his arm. What did you think of it? 
Perrie: Obviously I’ve seen it and think it’s amazing, yeah, it’s a massive compliment really for him to do it: it’s flattering that my boyfriend wants to do that.

Would you consider getting a tattoo yourself to return the gesture?
Perrie: I do want tattoos, but I’m looking into it to see what I want first because I change my mind too much about tattoos. I’d get something on us and then I’d change my mind and be like aw, I wish I didn’t get that writing there so I’ll make sure i’m sure first.

So ladies, we’re at a theme park today – Alton Towers! Have you gotten to go on any of the rides?
Jade: No! I’m too afraid!
Jesy: Yes, I’ve been on The Smiler, it was amazing!

Good luck with the US tour and movie girls!