CraveonMusic Olly Murs interview


Not content with a number 1, multi-platinum selling album, and recently completed sold out arena tour, Olly Murs is headlining the Girl Guides Big Gig 2012. We caught up with Mr Murs ahead of his performance to chat about his huge success, upcoming US tour with One Direction and more!

Hello Olly! Welcome, once again to Craveonmusic!
Hello Craveonmusic, it’s a pleasure, as always!

We’re here at the Girl Guides Big Gig again, this time at the LG Arena in Birmingham!
I’ve done this before, had a great time of it last year and look forward to performing today, it’s going to be fun!

You’re headlining today. What can we expect?
I’m going to be singing 6 songs, pretty much all of the singles, apart from ‘Busy’. It’s nice to turn up to a gig, not do any covers and to do all of the songs that I want to do. I’m really happy and looking forward to it, it’s going to be fun!

You’ve just completed your first headlining arena tour of the UK and Ireland. How did you find the experience?
Loved it!  I was here at Birmingham recently about a month or so ago with the tour. We had a great time, it was a month of hard work and I’m grateful for all of the fans that came along.

Whilst on tour you showcased your new single, ‘Oh My Goodness’ – which is officially out now!
Yes! It’s officially out tomorrow, but I think it’s already up to #20 at the moment on the iTunes which proves that people like the song and are buying it. You know, the 3rdsingle is always tricky. The album [‘In Case You Didn’t Know’], is already out and people have already bought that, so really it’s about trying to appeal to new fans. To get in the Top 10 would be brilliant, I’d be happy.

You mentioned the album, that’s your multi-platinum selling album, of course!
Yeah! Up to nearly triple platinum now, I think we’re almost close so that’s really, really nice! Thanks to everyone that has bought the album, it has been really good.

Speaking of hard word, you’re off to tour with One Direction in America, aren’t you!
Yes! I’m looking forward to going over there with the boys and having some fun – maybe becoming the 6th member of One Direction. That’d be cool – the older version!

Aren’t you already the 5th member of JLS though?!
I’m the 5th member of JLS, the 6th member of The Wanted and the 6th member of One Direction.

Ahhh, but if you had to choose one?
Oh, that’s tough! I can’t choose, can’t choose!

We suppose you have to say One Direction given the tour…
No, I get on really well with all of the guys! All of the boy bands from this country are great. Of course, JLS are the ones that I’ve known the longest and I’ve formed really good friendships with the boys. The Wanted and One Direction success has been brilliant so I’m looking forward to going over there with the boys and having some fun!

As you mentioned, The Wanted and One Direction have been experiencing huge success in America. What do you think that the American reaction will be to you?
I hope it’s positive and I hope that people like me! I don’t know as nobody even knows who I am there at the moment.  I’m just going to go, have some fun, hopefully the response for my music is good and I pick up some new fans.

Well, wishing you the best of luck for it!
Thank you very much!

It’s coming up to the Olympics. If you were to win a medal for anything – doesn’t have to be sporting-related, what would it be?
I think for me I would get a medal for sleeping – I’m a good sleeper! That would definitely be my Olympic sport if I were given one.

Really was a pleasure as always Olly. Enjoy the Girl Guides Big Gig and best of luck until the next time!
Thank you Craveonmusic, you’re amazing!