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Singer-songwriter and producer Ne-Yo chatted to Tina Campbell ahead of his 2013 UK tour. Article appeared both online and in the print edition of News Shopper (February 2013).

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Ne-Yo has shared with Tina Campbell his views on veganism, sinus infections and the London 02 Arena, where he is appearing on March 15.

The Arkansas-born star said: “I’m coming with my dancers and my band. I don’t want to give too much away, but just know, I’m aware of the fact that I’ve been away for a while, so I’m going to deliver a bumper show.

“I’m going to come out there and pick up where I left off. You can’t beat the 02 in London – there’s not much topping it.”

However things have not always been plain sailing for the musician.

He said: “I did a show in Manchester and I was suffering from a sinus infection that I basically just ignored. We got to Manchester and I think I got four songs into my set and I literally could not sing another note.

“I remember standing on stage crying like a baby just by the fact that I couldn’t finish the show.

“The last song that I wound up performing, the crowd sang the whole song because I just couldn’t.

“I’ve got to give much respect to the people of Manchester because they didn’t fault me for it. You can find footage of it on YouTube and hear people cheering.”

Ne-Yo has recently revamped his lifestyle so he will be especially healthy during the Red tour.

“My travel tour has changed over the years, but especially this year, I am officially a vegan.

“My lifestyle has changed immensely. At one point in my life I would eat chicken wings, white fish, all that stuff.

“Since becoming a vegan I can’t do any meat, can’t do any dairy, nothing that derives from animals at all. A lot of fruit, vegetables, gluten free everything.

“I honestly do feel a lot healthier. It was my New Year’s resolution to become a vegan and no one has died yet – I haven’t broken into any McDonald’s and fallen asleep in the hamburgers!”

Tickets for Ne-Yo’s show at the O2 Arena cost between £36 and £40.

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Ne-Yo spoke to Meridian Radio presenter Tina Campbell during her Craveonmusic show broadcast from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital station in Woolwich.

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